health shahrkhodro

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, one of the main human needs is physical needs and as a result, medical services are in demand in any society. Unfortunately, nowadays, it is very difficult for people to meet these basic needs due to the lack of specialized centres and the possibility of benefiting from financial facilities to receive services. Therefore, considering having the largest social base in Khorasan province in the frame of shahrkhodro football club, Etemad holding group has established the specialized medical clinic which provides medical services to the people of Mashhad.

Shahrkhodro medical clinic services:

According to our research in the field of medical needs for the society and shahrkhodro football team, shahrkhodro medical clinic provides:




health shahrkhodro

Providing modern and advanced medical services in Mashhad.



Field of activities:

health shahrkhodro

In general, Medical services in both physiotherapy and dentistry.




health shahrkhodro

  • Attracting the major market share of applicants in the physiotherapy and dentistry sectors.
  • Providing appropriate and high-quality services to applicants.
  • Providing all the needs of the Shahr Khodro football team in the physiotherapy department.
  • Obtaining appropriate financial resources for the possibility of developing services.